This first result includes the design and development of educational resources on energy efficiency. A series of infographics will be generated to facilitate the teachers' incorporation of efficiency in VET as well as breakouts that facilitate immersion in learning and develop key competencies.

The elearning environment will be created using a learning management system, such as Moodle. The elearning platform will be scalable to access a wide range of fixed and mobile devices and will be tested with the support of partners and partner organizations. This result will provide all those interested in energy efficiency with sufficient knowledge to incorporate the topic into their classes, and be able to use the developed toolkit, but also be able to design their own activities. The modules will be able to be used autonomously by teachers, thus ensuring that the knowledge is transferable beyond the project partners and associates. The elearning platform will be accessible in all partner languages to ensure wide dissemination and ease of use in Europe.

Emphasis will be placed on working in new dynamic and online learning environments, and exploring the different roles of vocational education and training in these environments. The proposed resources will introduce smart devices as appropriate dynamic learning environments that are engaging for VET students.