BENEFY toolkit

This first result includes the design and development of educational resources on energy efficiency. A series of infographics will be generated to facilitate the teachers' incorporation of efficiency in VET as well as breakouts that facilitate immersion in learning and develop key competencies.

A repository will be implemented in a way that integrates through an established taxonomy a collection of resources, activities and Open Educational Resources (OERs) that serve as useful educational resources for VET students, but also for training and higher education, as well as anyone else interested in using this type of materials. The objective of this product is to develop a series of practical and innovative tools, by including gamification in the learning process, that educators can put into practice with their students in order to improve their knowledge of energy efficiency and transfer this knowledge to subsequent professional practice. 

The repository is available in the following link.

The Benefy Toolkit will be divided into the following sections: 

  1. Energy and the Why of Energy Efficiency. 
  2. How to improve Energy Efficiency at home, office, industry and transportation.


All these elements will be accessible free of charge both on the project's elearning platform and on its website.

Access all the Toolkit resources in the following links: