EPRM, Escola Profissional de Rio Maior, Lda E.M.

EPRM Escola Profissional de Rio Maior is a member of the national education system regulated by the educational department inPortugal, according to the legal act implemented in August 5, 1992. It is managed by a partnership between the municipality, thefarmers and the companies from Rio Maior's region. EPRM started its activities on 19 October 1992, offering vocational training inthe areas of trade, mechanics and industrial maintenance. For over nearly two decades, the school has expanded its training offerto 25 vocational training courses (Level IV). During each school year, EPRM promotes the implementation of 10 courses, ensuring the frequency of approximately 200 students. EPRM also works on the field of technological specialization courses (CETs - level V), maintaining a partnership with some upperschools from the region, which has allowed the development of new training activities in this area. In the context of adultvocational training, the school has a specific background as training organization, carried out through the government agencies foremployment and workplace relations - process no 3136, giving the school the necessary background to provide training activities inareas like mechanics, electric energy, and electronics, accountability and administration, new technologies, business, publicrelations, transports and animation, among others. Its main aim is the vocational training and education of young people at a localand regional level, as far as possible by adjusting the production of professional and labour skills in response to the needs ofcompanies and the labour market. Its working staff include people connected to a wide range of specific areas of working, such as psychology, training,administration, education, management. It also extends its intervention to the field of consultancy, social and communitydevelopment, particularly through the participation in several organizations and local entities, covering the areas of education,economic and public participation. For the development of its main training activities among its students, the school has a globalstaff comprised of 18 employees, distributed in several ways, namely: head office (2), internal teachers and trainers (5), technicalsupport office (3), administration services (4) and educational assistants (4) and external teachers and trainers (about 40).

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