Kick off meeting online - 26th January 2022

The first project meeting took place on January 26th online. After a brief welcome by our coordinator Pro Work, each partner had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their organization. We had partners from the Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Hungary. Each representative had a minute to present whatever they thought was appropriate to get to know their organization and the people who will be working on the project. 

The project coordinator gave an overview of the project's objectives, results, participants, meetings and dissemination. Emphasizing the most important elements to take into account so that the results are realized with the highest possible quality. 

Afterwards, Siglo22, the partner who wrote the project, went on to explain in detail what each of the results consists of. First the Toolkit, then the open platform and learning modules, and finally the generation of best practices for the classroom. 

The following parts of the meeting were dedicated to discuss other elements such as dissemination or impact, meetings and events to be held, as well as staff training. Finally, Project Management and all its elements to be taken into account by the partners were discussed. 

With the desire to meet in person, the first meeting of the Benefy project was closed.

Second online meeting - June 2022

The second online meeting took place on the 23rd of June 2022. We were able to review the status of the project, what has been done so far and what is still to be done. 

Deadlines were also set, new tasks were set and the partners had the opportunity to ask their doubts and resolve their questions.

Third online meeting - April 2023

The third online meeting of the project took place on 27 April 2023 via the Zoom platform. 

In this meeting, the status of the project and the things that had already been done were discussed. It was discussed to get an extension of the project in order to have more time for the development of pilots, where 300 students per partner would be needed.  

In addition, new dates were discussed in order to have all the resources ready for the development of the pilots as well as sharing the progress of each partner. 

Fourth online meeting - September 2023

The fourth online meeting of the project took place on 27 September.

During the meeting a brief review of the project results 1 and 2 was made on the status of the project, reminding each partner of the remaining tasks.

In addition, the dates for the pilots were organized and explained a bit about how to carry them out.

Meetings Online Luis Quintano