Second Transnational Project Meeting in Budapest.

The meeting lasted two days. The first day started at 9 a.m. with a review of the tasks related to project management. 
First of all, the evaluation plan, the questionnaires to measure the quality of implementation and other evaluation elements were discussed. 
This was followed by a review of the dissemination activities, including the website, social media and other elements of the project branding. 

After a short coffee break, we continued with the review of the status of output 1. The repository, the gamified resources created with Canva and Genially, as well as the open e-Learning platform. 

We ended the day all together celebrating the reunion at a social dinner. 


During the second day we were able to work on the e-learning platform, the content to be developed, the activities, the games and the theoretical content. 
Afterwards, we dealt with management and reporting issues. 
To end the day we reviewed the beginning of outcome 3: energy efficiency in the classroom. 

Thank you for such an efficient meeting! ;) 


M02 Luis Quintano