Face to face Kick Off Meeting

The first face-to-face meeting of the Benefy project took place in Burgh-Haamstede, The Netherlands, hosted by our coordinating partner Pro Work on April 7-8, 2022. After an online kick off in January, the consortium was looking forward to being able to meet in person.

Two lies and one truth
A two-day meeting in which we were able to go over the project's objectives, purpose, results and dissemination methods. But, to begin with: an icebreaker! Two lies and a truth is the dynamic that we had the opportunity to perform. It consists of thinking two lies and one truth about yourself, sharing it with the rest and letting them guess the truth. We learned many things from our fellow consortium members, and it gave us the opportunity to get closer and make connections, not only intellectually, but also emotionally.

Pro Work, our coordinator and host, then went through the details of Project Management, detailing the responsibilities of each organization in the consortium, emphasizing the most important activities and elements to pay attention to. 

This was followed by a presentation of the first result by Siglo22. We were able to review the objective of the result, the content, the different activities and resources that will be developed by the partners throughout the following months of the project. In addition, we enjoyed a class on basic principles of energy efficiency in order to develop the contents with greater precision and quality. 

Let's get to work! 
Siglo22 offered a detailed explanation of the different tools that will be used for the creation of infographics and breakouts that the partners must develop. The tools to be used will be Canva and Genial.ly. 

After a first approach to the tools, the project partners were able to make some "type" resources to see how they handled with the tools. We proposed to make an infographic on one of the energy efficiency topics that will compose the taxonomy of the project, and a breakout for the target students. 

Time to socialize!
Our dear host Pro Work organized a social dinner in one of the most delicious restaurants in the region. There we were able to enjoy a magnificent fish, and the company of all of us, after work, it's time to have a good time, see you soon!


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