CEM Hipatia Fuhem is a secular state funded school belonging to FUHEM (Fundación Hogar del Empleado) project. The educational project is based on social justice, further insight of democratic values and environmental sustainability. The school offers of the following stages: - Nursery - Preschool Education - Primary Education - Secondary Education - Post Secondary or University track studies (Bachillerato) - Vocational Training (ICT and Culinary studies) Complementary to the stages of education the school beholds the following resources regarding Attention to Diversity: Staff reinforcement, speaking assistants, therapeutic pedagogy, speech therapy and learning improvement and enhancement programs. The staff consists of more than 130 professionals, including both the teacher staff and the administrative staff. There are more than 1.800 students in all the Educative stages. The methodology of the school is based upon a constructivist scope, an inclusive model that grants a meaningful learning, cooperation between the stages and project working. Information and Communication Technologies, bilingual education as well as second languages such as French and German, eco-social values and community learning are also amongst the precepts of the school’s methodology. The school offers vocational training on ICT at two levels. An entry level where students can learn the basics of ICT, networking, assembling, recovery, troubleshooting, office programs. They also obtain the GED. A technical level where they learn the necessary strategies related to networking and computing systems. Both studies are supplemented with a period of internship in enterprises.

HIPATIA Luis Quintano